Conclave of Wind

The Conclave of Wind is an encounter in the Throne of Four Winds. The encounter was activated for testing for temporarily on 10/18/2010. This is a "four horsemen" style encounter with three elemental bosses on three separate platforms: Anshal, Rohash, and Nezir.

This is one of only two encounters in this raid. Al'Akir is the second and final boss.

Strategy, 10 Man Regular

This is a "Four Horseman" style encounter, consisting of three bosses on separate platforms who each have their own distinct abilities. Much like 4H, your raid must keep at least one person on each platform at all times, or the boss will cast a raid wipe spell. Unlike 4H, the bosses must all die at the same time; to be specific, within one minute of each other.

The best kill order is Anshal, then Nezir, then Rohash. DPS will need to switch platforms constantly according to certain raid events listed in more detail below. The bosses each have an energy bar that fills at 90. Once the bar fills, they use their "ultimate" ability. The "wind tunnels" that carry players from platform to platform shut down temporarily while the bosses uses these abilities.

Boss Abilities

Anshal: the "Life Boss", west platform
Soothing Breeze - Casts an AOE heal with a graphic identical to the druid's Efflorensce. It heals the boss and silences anyone who stands in it. Pull the boss out of this circle at all times.
Nurture - Summons a group of flower adds. These adds are very dangerous and must be killed ASAP. They are healed to full instantly by the Soothing Breeze circle. The boss will often cast the circle directly on the adds, making it a challenge to keep them out of it. Don't use stuns such as Shockwave until after the circle has been cast and you've successfully pulled the adds out of it.
Zephyr (ultimate) - A channeled, uninterruptible spell that causes the boss to gain a 225% bonus to damage. It is very difficult to kite this boss due to the overly large hit box. Use your cooldowns to survive this. Fortunately, the buff has a very short duration. While channeling, Anshal also heals himself slightly.

Rohash: the "Wind Boss", east platform

Slicing Gale - Deals weak damage to one or more nearby players. This is Rohash's main attack, as he lacks a melee attack and does not need to be tanked in the traditional sense. Any self-healer can handle the damage. A warlock is recommended, but you can try other options, as the damage is not significant.
Summon Tornados - Several cyclones spin around the platform, knocking players off and doing large amounts of damage. These are not difficult to avoid for ranged, but can be tricky for melee. For that reason, ranged classes are preferred for this boss.
Wind Blast (ultimate) - The boss fires a powerful beam-like wind blast in one direction and starts slowly rotating. This is similar to C'thun or Mimiron's laser abilities and is easily avoided.

Nezir: the "Frost Boss", north platform
Wind Chill - A weak AOE that places a stacking debuff, increasing frost damage taken by all targets on the platform. This debuff becomes very severe after a few minutes and must be dealt with. A Death Knight tank can use a well timed Anti-Magic Shell to allow the buff to drop off, or a Paladin could bubble out of it. Healers will need to swap between Nezir and Anshal in order to drop the debuff. Tanks may need to as well, if they are not able to work out another way to get rid of Wind Chill.
Permafrost - Fires a cone of cold at the tank for a large amount of frost damage. Make sure everyone is behind the boss at all times to prevent this from hitting anyone besides the tank.
Ice Patch - Drops a large ice patch on the ground that causes damage and applies a stacking slow to the target. Get out of the ice patch.
Sleet Storm (ultimate) - Channels a powerful meteor-style Blizzard spell on all raid members on the platform. The damage is divided up amongst all targets. In order to mitigate this damage, you will want to make sure as many people as possible (preferably seven people) are on the north platform every time the bosses cast their ultimate. Because players cannot transfer platforms while it is being cast, the raid leader will need to warn the raid at about 80 energy that it is time for everyone to transfer.


Raid Leader: Assign one player to be the all-time Rohash tank. This player will not ever leave the platform for any reason. You should pick a ranged class who can keep themselves alive through weak to moderate damage. A warlock or any healer can handle it. Make sure they are someone aware enough to avoid tornados.

With the remaining DPS, split them into two teams. One team will go after Rohash, and the other will go after Anshal. You want 2 dps on Rohash, and 3 on Anshal (because of his adds and healing). If you are 2-healing the raid, put your spare DPS on Anshal.

Your DPS will start on Nezir and split after the first "ultimate" cycle. Order a bloodlust right after the first wave of adds die, to guarantee that Nezir takes a lot of damage before the first sleet storm. Send out a raid warning when the bosses reach 75 energy, to give your DPS a heads up and remind them to transfer to north platform.

Tanks: Figure out your strategy for dealing with Wind Chill. If one of you can get rid of it efficiently, that saves you both a lot of trouble. Frost resist is a possible option.

Otherwise, you will need to find a way to coordinate a tank swap to get rid of the debuff. You could use a temporary offtank to facilitate the transfer, such as a DK in blood presence, or a feral druid.

While tanking Nezir, always point him away from the healer and DPS, and get out of the ice patch. On Anshal, drag him out of his healing circle, and gather the adds when they spawn. Anshal will always drop a healing circle on one of his adds right after he finishes summoning them, so watch out for that. Use cooldowns to survive the Zeyphyr buff.

Healers: Healing through the AOE on Nezir is a breeze if everyone else is doing their job. If not enough people transfer for Sleet Storm, or if the tank gets too many stacks of Wind Chill, you might have a problem. Healing through Anshal is especially easy, but the melee will take heavy damage from the adds, so be ready for that. If you are soloing Rohash, bring something to read, or perhaps a snack.

DPS: Assuming you aren't the designated Rohash tank, you are starting on the north platform. Keep a close eye on Nezir's energy. When it reaches 25, immediately transfer to the west platform to kill Anshal's adds. The adds are dangerous and have to die ASAP.

Once the adds are dead, transfer back to Nezir and blow all of your cooldowns. You want to burn him as much as you possibly can through the first ultimate. Once his Sleet Storm finishes, you will transfer to your designated platform. The raid leader should have assigned you to either Anshal or Rohash.

While fighting these bosses, continue watching their energy. When they reach 80, drop whatever you are doing and transfer to the north platform to get ready for Sleet Storm. DPS Nezir while you are there, but if his health is low, be very careful not to drop him below 200k or so. You want a buffer so you don't accidentally kill him too early.

After Sleet Storm finishes, go back to your boss. Watch Rohash's health to make sure he doesn't die too early; if he gets low much too fast, transfer to Anshal to help them out. Kill Anshal as soon as you possibly can. Once Anshal is dead, kill Nezir, and finally Rohash.

Alternate Strategies

It is possible, but unwise, to survive Nezir's Sleet Storm by having two healers only on the platform spamming heals, or by generous use of defensive cooldowns. The platform hopping technique is much easier.

A feral druid could, possibly, use dash to evade Anshal's attacks during Zephyr, if your cooldowns are not available and you are desparate. Judicious use of Hand of Protection from a paladin healer or dps may do the trick as well. You could even ask a dps with a taunt to "take one for the team". If you don't have a raid member willing to die so carelessly, taunt cycling (having one taunter on each edge of the platform) might keep the boss confused for just long enough to survive the buff.

A very alert melee player with self-healing capabilities could possibly handle tanking Rohash. However, this is dangerous, as a slight delay in running from tornados will send them flying off the platform and wipe the raid immediately.

Conclave of Wind ‎‎‎(with commentary)‎‎‎ - TGN


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